Withdrawal from the University

Official withdrawal from the University is required if a student wishes to drop all courses after a semester begins. The student must submit an electronic Withdrawal Form through their ConnectCarolina Student Center and complete the withdrawal steps as indicated. An Instructor Grade Inputnew window icon form must be uploaded for each course in which the student is enrolled. If at the time of withdrawal the student is failing any course, a grade of F is assigned to the student's permanent record and the student becomes ineligible to continue in The Graduate School.

A student who withdraws during the first semester of enrollment in an academic program may request Readmission if later wishing to pursue the degree. After two years have passed, the student must submit a Reapplication to that program if later wishing to pursue the degree.

Withdrawal from the University is not equivalent to a formal leave of absence from The Graduate School. See Leave of Absence for Master's degree or Doctoral degree.

An official medical withdrawal from the University must be processed directly by Campus Health Services or Counseling and Psychological Services, and only for those students who are eligible to use these campus offices (i.e., distance students are not eligible for this option). A student who receives a medical withdrawal may be required to receive medical clearance before being readmitted.

International students who withdraw from the University may face critical consequences regarding their visa status. International students should contact the International Student and Scholar Servicesnew window icon to discuss the implications of noncompliance well in advance of processing a withdrawal.

Withdrawal from the University also has financial consequences for students who have been awarded tuition remission, in-state tuition awards, fee awards, and/or health insurance through a fellowship or assistantship appointment. See the withdrawal policy for students receiving tuition support under Tuition and Other Charges.