Guidance on Generative AI Use

Following the guidance from UNC's Generative AI Committee, The Graduate School's Administrative Board encourages graduate programs to embrace the philosophy guiding the recommended language “that humans are responsible for the use of generative AI and that 'AI should help you think. Not think for you.'”

The Board maintains that generative artificial intelligence (AI) can be a productive tool and foster new directions and perspectives for the teaching and research environment in institutions of higher education. Users of generative AI, following University guidelines, should take full responsibility for their use of AI and any research that might result from the use of generative AI tools.

Specific to graduate education, the Board recognizes that embracing generative AI tools may have nuanced applications for graduate students, faculty advisors, and degree program administrators.

Student Generative AI Usage Guidance

Teaching Generative AI Usage Guidance

Research Generative AI Usage Guidance

Admissions Generative AI Usage Guidance