Residence Credit

Students have a minimum number of required semesters of UNC-Chapel Hill registration. The program residence credit hour requirement is earned in the process of fulfilling course credit requirements and requires UNC-Chapel Hill registration, although not necessarily physical presence on campus (for example, the student may be doing field research).


Semester credit hours are converted to program residence credit on the same basis as tuition:

Credits earned in any summer session count toward residence credit on the same basis as courses taken in a fall or spring semester.

Residence credit earned on work for a master's degree at UNC-Chapel Hill is applicable as program residence credit for a doctoral degree in the same program.

Courses taken by UNC-Chapel Hill degree students via inter-institutional registration earn residence credit as if they were courses on this campus.

Thesis and dissertation research earns residence credit based on the number of enrolled credit hours and not necessarily full-time status (i.e., one semester registration in three credit hours of 992, 993, or 994 equates to one-half semester of residence).

Teaching or other service duties do not count as part of the residence computation for the degree.

Transferred credit will not be included in the program residence credit calculation.

Special Language Course credit does not count toward the residence credit requirement. See Credit and Residence Requirements for Master's degree or Doctoral degree.