The Graduate School Handbook

The Graduate School Handbook contains the policies and procedures of The Graduate School, as established by the actions of the Administrative Board of The Graduate School. Each student should become familiar with the material pertaining to the degree program, and, together with a faculty advisor, make certain that the chosen program of study complies with all policies.

Section I: Contains information related to graduate education at UNC-Chapel Hill, including a description of The Graduate School and its Academic Policy Committee, a staff directory, and links to graduate education references. Section II: Describes the policies and procedures pertaining to the general academic requirements of The Graduate School. Section III: Provides a detailed outline of requirements for master's and doctoral degrees.

All graduate degree-granting entities at UNC-Chapel Hill including departments, curricula, schools, and programs will be referred to as academic programs throughout this Handbook.

The Graduate School has attempted to include most of the regulations governing graduate academic programs; however, many programs have additional requirements and regulations. Sometimes these requirements are more stringent than the general requirements of The Graduate School.

The Graduate School reserves the right to make changes to this Handbook at any time. In instances of discrepancy between this document and the University Catalog, this Handbook takes precedence.

It is the student's responsibility to be aware of, and comply with all regulations, policies, procedures, and deadlines. Please consult widely with your academic program and The Graduate School with questions or concerns about the information in this Handbook.

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Changes and Updates to the Current Edition

Changes to the current edition of The Graduate School Handbook include: